The best resume format with sample resume

resume format

The best resume format with sample resume As a hiring manager I probably look at 30 resumes a week. Sometimes more. I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about resumes and the optimal resume format to get the attention of hiring managers and get you more interview opportunities.  What makes one resume format good […]

How to negotiate a job offer

how to. negotiate a job offer

How to negotiate a job offer I get asked a lot of questions about how to negotiate a job offer. The same advice really applies to new job offers, internal promotions, annual increases … all of it. Negotiation can be extremely uncomfortable and feel too risky for many of us. I can totally see why […]

Are Cover Letters Still Important?

Are cover letters still important

Are Cover Letters Still Important I’ve been getting asked this question a lot lately. Every job seeker wants to optimize the search process to give themselves the best chance of getting hired. But they also want to focus their limited time and energy on the strategies and tactics most likely to result in finding a […]