One of My Favorite Videos on Engagement and motivation

One of My Favorite Videos on Engagement and Motivation

Why do so many people practice musical instruments in the evenings and on weekends? Hours and hours trying to get better. They don’t get paid for it. There’s no bonus coming to them if they master a new cord or learn a new song. What is it about some things that gets us truly engaged while so many other things, at work in particular, leave us feeling …well … bleh …

Engagement at work is one of the hottest areas of focus for companies around the world. Organizations are trying to transplant some of what makes learning a musical instrument so motivating into workplace culture. Dan Pink nails what really drives motivation an engagement in this animated video. He debunks the long held view that extrinsic rewards are directly correlated to performance. He provides a great introduction to the concepts of autonomy, master and purpose as the true pillars of engagement in the current workplace environment.

If you’re a manager or an aspiring manager, this 10 minutes is well worth your time.

I’d love to hear about your experiences. Let me now when you’ve been motivated at work and what you think managers need to know about creating an environment of engagement for their teams.

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