Who is Brendan Reid?

  • Accomplished C-level executive
  • Best selling author
  • Executive performance coach

Brendan has held senior executive roles for over twenty-five years at some of the world’s top organizations. In his career, Brendan climbed the corporate ladder from Junior Associate to Chief Marketing Officer. 

Brendan has built and led large global teams, has conducted more than a thousand job interviews, and has executed through periods of rapid growth and major change. His passion is to help established and emerging leaders optimize their performance at work.

Best-selling author

Brendan is the acclaimed author of Stealing the Corner Office, which has been published in dozens of countries around the world. It is mandatory reading for smart, hardworking leaders who wonder why their seemingly incompetent co-workers are so successful.

Stealing the Corner Office will teach you:

  • Why incompetent people get ahead, and what you can learn
  • How to build the right kind of relationship with your boss
  • Why showing too much passion for your ideas can hurt you
  • Why short-term results should never be your highest priority
  • How to make flawed corporate practices work in your favor

Executive coach

Brendan is a top executive performance coach. He is trusted by leaders around the world. Unlike many career coaches, Brendan brings over twenty-five years of hands-on operating experience. He can cut through conventional wisdom to help you build and execute a plan to achieve your goals at work.

Brendan can help you:

  • Make a career plan and guide you to achieving it
  • Start a new job strong, or get a promotion
  • Build an awesome resume to land your dream job
  • Find the best way to handle a difficult co-worker or boss
  • Get more comfortable presenting to senior executives